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About Us

I am an artistic, creative individual and follower of Jesus Christ. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting because of my interest in numbers. However, my passion is for the arts, nature, and the beauty of things. I simply want to please God in everything that I do.   

I was inspired by God to create this brand to encourage others to keep their faith in God as they are waiting on His promises. I am driven by my life’s experiences of how God showed up for me. I’ve been through many trials that have made everyday life difficult. I have hopes that sharing my journey would inspire others to have a relationship with God and to continue chasing after their dreams.

I, too, have been waiting on God’s promises. While waiting, I am learning how to trust Him and learning about the gifts He’s placed in me. I’ve had visions and dreams that have come to pass. Through my journey, I’ve had to learn how to trust God in the midst of my storms. 

My prayer is that I can share words of encouragement to those that are struggling with their faith and trusting in God’s promises. Truly, I am an individual who genuinely cares and wants to see the best for others. There’s nothing as fulfilling as being lead by God because you get this sense of peace and assurance that you’re heading in the right direction.